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Amazing Benefits of Black Palm Kernel Oil 

This oil is so cheap and easily accessible,I started using it about five months ago and it’s now my holy grail, I put it in my deep conditioner, my sheamix and even my oil mix. 

Hair care · Hairducation.

SNATCHED OR THINNING EDGES? – Five Easy Steps To Grow Your Edges . 

Leave it! – before you even consider the methods to growing back your edges or the miracle product to use, leave your edges alone!. 

Hair care · Hairducation.

GETTING STARTED |After the big Chop 

Have you decided to stop using the creamy crack(relaxers and texturizers) and don’t know what next to do or what products and tools you should get to help you manage your new texture? Then worry no more as i will be sharing with you the budget friendly essentials every natural must possess. 1. Shampoo –… Continue reading GETTING STARTED |After the big Chop