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Dye Your Hair : Black To Vibrant Red In Minutes

If you follow my Instagram stories you already know that I tried to color my hair a few days back. I am bored of my natural hair color at the moment and I have been craving color but I am not ready to commit to anything that requires high maintenance. In my quest for safe ways to color my hair i discovered food coloring could work and I decided to try it,my sister bakes and she had black food coloring (powdered) so I decided to try it on my hair and it actually worked.
All you need to do is mix the coloring with your regular conditioner and apply it to clean dry hair and leave it in for at least an hour or more depending on how vibrant /obvious you want the color to be. Afterwards just rinse it off until the water turns clear.(this was three weeks ago).

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After dying with black food coloring
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After dying with black food coloring

Since my hair took to the black really well, I decided to try red food coloring, I bought both liquid and powdered food coloring, mixed it up with my conditioner and applied to my hair in sections.

Dye mixture, food coloring, red food coloring, natural hair,

Red head, natural hair, colored kinks, Nigerian natural, 4c hair, Nigerian blogger, vibrant red
After applying red food coloring

I don’t know what went wrong, maybe I didn’t let my hair dry off completely before applying the mixture or maybe it was because I added liquid food coloring, when I rinsed, everything came off. It didn’t take to my hair at all!!. Complete fail!!. My hair is back to its natural color two (2) black.

See how vibrant it looks
Red head (if only it worked) :'(:'(

I won’t be trying this again though, I will probably just get a good dye to color my hair.

How to color your hair with food coloring, 4c hair, Nigerian natural, natural hair, kinks, kinky crowns
Before rinsing out the dye.

I decided to share this post because on the media/Internet it always seems like everything bloggers or content creators alike share is always a success, most times it requires several tries behind the scenes before it actually works while at other times you just have to abandon the project completely.

How to color your hair with food coloring

On a lighter note it’s April first (1st) although I am not trying to be a prankster but this post kind of goes with the April first theme right? 😂😂
Let me know in the comment section, do you dye your hair? What colors and brand have you tried? Would you put food coloring on your hair? 

Note – food coloring is really just temporary dying,it comes off once you shampoo your hair .

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