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Amazing Benefits of Black Palm Kernel Oil 

The “yorubas” have a saying that translates in English as what you are looking for afar off is just in your pocket and that’s exactly how I feel as regards palm kernel oil, I wonder how I  managed without palm kernel oil before now. This oil is so cheap and easily accessible,I started using it about five months ago and it’s now my holy grail, I put it in my deep conditioner, my sheamix and even my oil mix. 

Palm kernel oil should not be confused as the reddish palm oil, they are two different oils entirely. Palm kernel is a nut from a palm tree which has an edible seed  inside,  it is the oil from the seed that is widely known as palm kernel oil. 

The method of extraction determines the color of the oil, if it is cold pressed the color is a light golden yellow  however, the focus is on black palm kernel oil which is common in West Africa especially Nigeria. The nuts are roasted in a pot to extract the oil, because it’s roasted on high heat the oil turns out a darkish brown(almost black). The only downside to this oil is the strong lingering smell, It smells kind of burnt, earthy and nutty all at once.(probably due to the method of extraction). I do not mind the smell though, I kind of like  it (call me weird :roll:), the smell can be masked by adding a few drops of essential oil, I added a few drops of Peppermint oil to mine.                                                                .    Some benefits of people oil include –

    HAIR CARE – 

  • Great for the treatment of dandruff 
  • Strengthens and conditions your edges 
  • It reduces shedding and balding – I used it to grow back my thinning edges 
  • Promotes rapid hair growth 
  • If used consistently over time it thickens the hair strands and adds volume to the hair. 
  • Great for scalp massages as it contains anti oxidants that soothes the scalp which provides relief to painful and itchy scalp.

         SKIN CARE – 

  • palm kernel oil (PKO) contains anti-aging properties that helps restore skin elasticity to prevent wrinkles. 
  • Moisturises the skin and provides relief to dry patches and itchy skin. 
  • Makes the skin glow without looking greasy (I added it to my body lotion  and my skin loves it).

          CONSUMPTION – 

  • Although I haven’t tried to cook with it, I read that it is apparently one of the best oils to use as it contains zero cholesterol and people with high cholesterol and heart disease can use it without worry of side effects. Let me know in the comment section if you use it for cooking. 

Palm kernel oil (PKO) provides comprehensive benefits that are often overlooked, this might just be what you need and trust me it’s very affordable. You can buy PKO from herb sellers at the market or order from online stores. 

Have you used palm kernel oil before? How and what do you use it for? Does the smell /fragrance of a product matter to you? Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think. 

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4 thoughts on “Amazing Benefits of Black Palm Kernel Oil 

  1. Wow.
    I always thought palm kernel oil made people darker. I have heard so many people say the same.

    I don’t like the smell tho, so I stay very far away from it.

    Anyways, i’ll see if I can incorporate it into my hair care products.
    Thank you for an enlightening post.

    Liked by 1 person

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