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Helloooo, its been a while and I know it. Happy new year and hope your Christmas holiday was fun?Good for you if you had fun.
I spent the most part of December being ill and all round miserable, I couldn’t even go to church talk less of social gatherings plus my hair was also completely neglected ,I had so much planned. I had already listed events to attend and also some places I wanted to visit sadly I had to miss everything.. I couldn’t even enjoy Christmas rice or meat,everything finished right before my eyes 😭.. All the merriment just passed me by.. Sad, sad I know.(ok enough of feeling sorry for myself)
Being ill at such a crucial time actually put a lot of things into perspective for me, kind of like taking a chill pill and realising what’s important and what’s not.
With a heart of gratitude I am grateful to God to be alive and breathing in 2017. I am thankful for the gift of life, unconditional love from family, good friends, good health, laughter, peace of mind e.t.c.
2016 was filled with ups and downs but I am glad to say I had more ups than downs. I would say I came out of my shell and actually started to leave my comfort zone.I hope to leave my comfort zone completely this 2017,I am just going to trust God completely and keep doing it afraid.
I have always been a bit laid back about putting myself out there and actually making money from some of the skills I have acquired overtime because I never know how to charge,like I mostly end up undercharging. No more undercharging  this 2017, I am going to charge for what my creative services are worth.
I have also decided to take up modelling again although nothing major(mostly just lookbooks and beauty modelling),I don’t want to fly when I should be walking. So this is me doing small advertising now, I am easy to work with and my pricing is fair I promise.
I hope to also improve my skills and consistency at blogging, also considering securing a domain name and maybe upgrading to a self hosted platform. I  am also open to guest posting,feel free to contact me if you would like me to do a guest post on your blog or vice versa.

Thank you to all my blog readers, I really appreciate each and every one of you and the constant traffic in December was epic,considering I didn’t put up new posts. please don’t forget to share my posts to your friends and family whenever you find it helpful 😘😘.

I pray 2017 brings you fulfillment, may you accomplish all that you set out to do and more. What are you thankful for? What are your plans or goals for 2017?please leave a comment. 

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