The Nigerian Natural hair and beauty show took place last Saturday the 19th of November and I am glad I attended, kudos to the blogger point  for making my attendance possible (as an official blogger). I enjoyed every moment of the show, it was fun and I also got to learn something new. 

The event was organized by the founder and CEO of the kinky apothecary, Nibi Lawson. It was scheduled to start at eleven (11) a.m ,I arrived before one (1)p.m pretty sure I was late and thinking I had probably missed a thing or two but to my Surprise the event was yet to kick off. “African time” I guess. 

The event also had lots of vendors such as – kinky apothecary, namaste organics, nubian roots, Valerie black, savvy chic, marte egele, sprinkled and spiced (pastries), lagos cold pressed juice, ARM pensions, HRG travel management  and a host of others. 

Sprinkled and spiced
Valerie black

The natural hair products were quite cheap compared to ordering online or buying from retail stores, there was a wide variety of products and brands to pick from. I termed it “product junkie heaven”. 

The speakers were also inspiring and I learned a thing or two from the talks held by each speaker,of all the speakers I enjoyed Felicia leatherwood’s talk the most. So here are a few quotes/tips I picked from each speaker. 

Gaelle Prudencio, Felicia Leatherwood, Wunmi Akinlagun
  • There is no genie in the bottle effect for growing healthy natural hair. You need to have and stick to a regimen. – Felicia Leatherwood (celebrity stylist and founder of loving your hair with natural hair care ). 

  • On social anxiety – let your passion lead.                                                                    On body image and flaws – embrace and accept your self. Find peace with your body one part at a time  – Yagazie Emezi  (multi disciplinary Artist and documentary photographer). 

  • Women have to support each other because of our many insecurities.            Don’t put your life on hold while waiting to have the perfect body.              Supporting a movement shouldn’t just be a social media thing with hashtags. Live in the reality too. –  Gaelle Prudencio  (advocate body positive movement). 


  • On hair coloring – before coloring, your hair needs to be healthy. Always deep condition and trim hair regularly, avoid heat styling – Ijeoma Eboh (founder of klassy kinks). 

  • Just as dry unmoistured hair leads to breakage, moisture overloaded hair is also prone to breakage. – Wunmi Akinlagun (founder of woman in the jungle)

  • On branding be your self and let who you are shine through.Nobody  can promote you better than you. Consistency is key and always share your content. – Zara SimonOgan  (vlogger @efikzara) 

  •  Accept and love your hair texture, find inspiration from people with similar hair texture like yours. – Ronke Raji (youtuber).

  • Kittana (blogger, youtuber) did a live demonstration of how to install crochet braids , she also talked about the individual crochet braid method (still relatively new), I just might give it a try. 


    Chinwe of 
    Eyebrows on fleek😁😘.    📷

    With blogger tomisin   📷

    It was a pretty fun event and it was nice to meet other bloggers too. The only downside for me was the overly blasting AC. 
    Did you attend the event? What did i leave out? Do you attend natural hair events and meet ups? 


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