Hair care


My hairniversary was actually in September but, let’s not dwell on that. I just kept putting it off because I am not big on length checks.(growth struggles). I focus on maintaining healthy hair and just try to ignore length checks.

I already committed myself to doing a length check so I gave my hair a much needed trim and proceeded with the length check. To be honest I am quite surprised myself at the volume and how much length I retained considering the fact that I kept trimming off my colored ends. 

Natural hair, 4c hair, colored kinks, Nigerian natural hair, 4c hair care, &#wordpress, #freshlypressed
April 2015 to April 2016

My crown area is the longest part of my hair and probably a type 4z. 

Natural hair, length check, #wordpress, #freshlypressed, lindaikeji, yemi alade, president Buhari, lagos blogger, Nigerian natural hair, hairniversary.
Left, right, back and Crown area.

The frontal part of my hair is in a world of its own, its way shorter because I mistakenly cut off too much when I was trimming. (scissor frenzy) 

My edges ehn, they are there but really thin, I learnt my lesson now(the hard way). The thing is no matter how careful and tender a stylist is, if your edges are frail and sensitive it will definitely be affected. 

I am quite surprised at the growth,considering the fact that I barely used products on my hair this year, I have been doing more of protective styles. Don’t get me wrong when I say I wish my hair grew faster or and has more volume (it’s just a wish). I love my hair just as it is. I miss having colored hair though, I will definitely color my hair again but nothing permanent, I want to explore the world of temporary wash out dyes. 

I love being natural it’s has really helped me on my journey to self discovery, I realised I can do anything as long as I believe that I can. I am humbled to be seen as a source of Inspiration to some of the ladies around me,In my vocational school some of the ladies that used to raise their “eyebrow” at my hair have either cut off their relaxed hair or are transitioning presently. 

A lady once told me that this “natural hair” is just a trend, she said sooner or later I would relax my hair. While it might be a trend for some, for me it’s not. It’s been an amazing journey (not easy) and even in the most difficult times I never thought of relaxers as the next or best alternative. 

Besides I love my 4c hair and the volume so why would I go back to scalp showing, rat chops looking scanty hair that can’t even withstand the wind. 

Thanks for stopping by and reading this. How long have you been natural? How often do you do length checks? Is natural hair really a trend? 



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