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How to make your old afro wig new! 

Hello loves..
Happy Wednesday or mid week to you, the weekend is just around the corner.
On to today’s tutorial, so you know that you old “skool” afro wig that you have had for a while and thinking of discarding because you feel like it’s outdated and no longer in vogue?…. Waaaaaiiit!! Don’t discard it just yet, there is hope . I was going to do an experiment of recurling mine (afro wig) with small sized perm rods  and shaping it into a tapered cut(in my mind I can do this) until I found a video on YouTube that looked easy enough compared to my daunting bright idea of recurling and shaping. Believe me when I say putting this tutorial into practice was very easy. 

    What you need –

  • Paddle brush 
  • Fro pick 
Paddle brush and afro pick
Before the transformation

It’s really easy place your wig in a suitable or comfortable position and carefully brush out the curls by taking the brush in to the hair and lifting it up, like you are using the afro pick. After brushing out the curls use the afro pick to lift it up some more.

Viola your wig has been given new life.



This is the link to the video I watched on YouTube that changed the life of my wig. Albeit I didn’t use fabric softener like the guy in the video, I just washed with a regular conditioner so the texture of my wig is a bit coarse. 
I also tried to see if I could find the exact wig the Last time I was at the market but I didn’t find it. (“LOL who am I kidding, I have had mine for over 3years now.)although expression has a  nice weavon similar to this that you could make into a wig or you could buy expression or noble bulk hair and make a crochet wig. 
Let me know what you think in the comment section, yay or nay? Do you wear wigs, what kind do you like? 


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