Nigeria at 56 / chit chat 

Hello loves, how are you all doing and how have you been? Happy new month and happy 56th independence celebration to my fellow Nigerians, its a bit late (okay very late) I know but pardon your girl. Hey! Better late than never.

I know a lot of us aren’t really feeling patriotic because of the recession and promises made by our leaders that seem like it’s never going to be fulfilled but we just have to try and keep the hope for a better tomorrow alive unless you would just continue being depressed and anxious,trust me  when depression rules you can’t get anything tangible done. I  know it will get better, stay strong and keep being positive. I pray for peace and a better Nigeria. 
On a lighter note September was a good one for me how about you? I have been doing things afraid and October has also started on a positive note too, I will be sharing the new stuffs I have been upto soon. I feel like if I talk now am just going to jinx it, you know? It’s still cooking and not done yet. When it’s cooked I will share. (I promise and cross my heart 🙅). Currently I feel like the world and everyone in it is working in my favour.(I like this feeling). 

I attended naturals in the city 16 (NITC16). Actually my first event of the year🙈, dont judge me. It was fun and educative.I wasn’t too shy unlike the first time I attended, I managed to socialise a bit and I am looking forward to the next one in December.You canread about what went down here and here. September was my two years hairniversary and I will be putting up a post about that pretty soon so be on the lookout. 

I still have exams hanging over my head but I will try my best to put up posts as often as I can. That’s all for now, I love you all. 

  Tell me what you have been up to and what your plans are for October,dont go without leaving a comment. 

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