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How to make your old afro wig new! 

Hello loves.. Happy Wednesday or mid week to you, the weekend is just around the corner. On to today’s tutorial, so you know that you old “skool” afro wig that you have had for a while and thinking of discarding because you feel like it’s outdated and no longer in vogue?…. Waaaaaiiit!! Don’t discard it… Continue reading How to make your old afro wig new! 

Lagos waka

Lagos Waka : Whispering Palms Beach Resort

Whispering palms is a recreational/holiday resort located at badagry. It’s a great place to visit when you need to unwind or just need a rest from the busy lagos life. It’s very serene. Some of the side attractions are – pool, mini zoo,playing ground for kids, boat ride, a bar, chalets for rent(if you plan… Continue reading Lagos Waka : Whispering Palms Beach Resort


Nigeria at 56 / chit chat 

Hello loves, how are you all doing and how have you been? Happy new month and happy 56th independence celebration to my fellow Nigerians, its a bit late (okay very late) I know but pardon your girl. Hey! Better late than never. I know a lot of us aren’t really feeling patriotic because of the… Continue reading Nigeria at 56 / chit chat