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 SEPTEMBER : Positive Vibes. 

Am I the only one who feels like the year is running so fast? it seems like August 1st was just yesterday.I keep imagining in my head that I probably was cast in a spell (like sleeping beauty) and just zombied through August then, SNAP !! the spell is broken and I am awake only to realise it’s September… My imagination sha :)😂….
Happy new months lovelies, you and I are blessed to be alive.. Yay! Who is excited?  I just thought to share a recap for August and my thoughts/plans for September.

August was spectacular for me and the “blog“, it was actually a learning curve and also the birth of creative ideas some of which I plan to share on the blog.I didn’t post as much as i would have loved to notwithstanding I am proud of the progress that I made. My blog traffic increased more than ever since I started blogging and I actually interacted with some of my favourite bloggers(that’s a first) I hope to continue doing that.I also discovered new blogs that are really enlightening and interesting .

In my personal life my relationship with God has also improved, I just decided to relax and stop thinking too much (I can collect award for thinking) because I know he has my back.

Totally  random but I am glad/happy  to testify that for the first time in 2016, my one month data subscription actually got to its thirty(30) days stipulated duration before it was exhausted. Halleluyah!  somebody. 😂

Ps- I also made my first sew in successfully. 🙌

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What do you think? 

My #1 goal for September Is to be consistent by posting regularly because I realised that consistency really pays (procrastination get thee behind me). You all need to see my journal, I have got quite a few blog post ideas and I will get on with it so I can share amazing content with you all.

You probably don’t know this – September (can’t remember exact date) marks my two years natural hairniversary which to be honest I am not looking forward to, my growth rate has been slow and I am not really excited about doing a length check, nevertheless I plan to keep you all posted.

I will be starting my exams soon, so that means a lot of studying :'(😩😥. To be honest I do not like to  read my school books but, since I can’t afford to fail what other choice do I have.?.

Thanks for taking the time to read my rambling till the end..     

         What are your plans for September? What would you like to achieve or what have you achieved in recent times? 

Please don’t go without leaving me a comment, I love to read  from and interact with you all. 😘😘


September mantra – whatever I have, wherever I am, I can make it through anything in the One who makes me who I am. – Phil 4:13, MSG



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