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​Hi there, looking for an alternative to your store bought shampoo which strips your hair ? African black soap (dudu osun) is what you hair totally loves black soap and it’s also very affordable. It’s an holy grail for my hair. I talked about the benefits and numerous uses of black soap in this post.  Here am just… Continue reading DIY : BLACK SOAP SHAMPOO 

DIY · Hair care


African black soap (ABS) popularly known as dudu osun here in Nigeria is locally made in West Africa, typically Ghana. Apparently different tribes and communities have their secret blend of oil and cooking techniques which is the reason why the soap varies in color . The whole process of making the soap is a well… Continue reading AFRICAN BLACK SOAP (ABS) 



Shea Butter (ori) is has a lot of benefits for both hair and skin and it’s an holy grail for most naturals, l never used to like Shea Butter because of the earthy fragrance and how hard it gets,ever since I discovered whipped Shea Butter we have since become best friends and I just learned… Continue reading DIY : VANILLA SCENTED SHEAMIX

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 SEPTEMBER : Positive Vibes. 

Am I the only one who feels like the year is running so fast? it seems like August 1st was just yesterday.I keep imagining in my head that I probably was cast in a spell (like sleeping beauty) and just zombied through August then, SNAP !! the spell is broken and I am awake only… Continue reading  SEPTEMBER : Positive Vibes.