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Am not being a big head o but this wig is/was a hit back to back. I kept getting     comments about how beautiful my   weavon(wig) looked and the ladies at my vocational school kept asking questions about how I made it, in my mind I was like by the time they are done admiring this wig it won’t remain the same .”LOL” it was funny but not funny because they were so curious that I had to even take it off(I tried o;)). Anyway I digress,moving on to how I made it

What you will need –

  • Wig net
  • Latch hook
  • Braiding hair of choice (attachment.)
  • Scissors
  • Wig head

I made use of old (braiding hair) attachment that I talked about here. I used old braiding hair because it’s /was my first time making a straight crochet wig, so if it didn’t turn out ok I would not feel bad about money wasted.

It’s really easy to do as long as you are familiar with making crochet braids because it’s the same method..I inserted the  Latch hook into the net using three to four holes at a time,pulled through and knotted, just like doing it directly on your hair .I used the brick method for spacing, which is using each new line to cover or fill up the space in the previous one. “I hope you understand my English”It was a bit difficult to get the parting done and make it look as realistic possible. I used small portions of braiding hair for the parting. After installing, I went on to cut and shape the wig, I kept alternating between a scissors and a razor. I used a flat and curling iron on low heat to straighten and bob the wig. Good as new

It took a whole day to finish the making the wig.It doesn’t have a lot of styling options, I tried a few styles which I achieved by either shifting the wig around my head, using bobby pins or plaiting a braid . 

Can I say left eye? 😁

I hope you found this helpful . what’s your favourite look?
Tip – if you are new to DIYs, you should start with something cheap so that you don’t feel like you wasted money if it doesn’t work out.



  1. Truly a win back to back…thinking of making with kinky hair. willtry this first. Love the colour combo looks great on you


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