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Happy new month loves, its not too late to say that I hope. I came across the Happiness tag on thoughts9367 and I decided to also spread some Happiness.

I know a lot of things aren’t going as planned and something is always not right,being pessimistic isn’t going to change the state of things. So why not try to be positive and since its a new month, what better way is there to start than with positive vibes?.


  • Name five things that make you happy
  • Name five songs that make you happy
  • Name five bloggers to continue the Happiness Tag.


  • GOD –   you probably know this but I still have to say it anyway, I am grateful for his mercy, Grace and unconditional love towards me.
  • FAMILY AND FRIENDS – my immediate family make me happy even though they can be very annoying at times. I have few close friends so I cherish my imperfect relationship with them
  • BOOKS – I love to read all books (except school related  books of course). Once am hooked to a catchy storyline, I can’t stop till I get to the end.
  • MOVIES – Am a sucker for the screen. I can watch movies ehn☺.these days I have to plan ahead even to watch movies on my phone (no time) 😥
  • SLEEP – I can sleep for Africa, my family can testify to that .once my head hits the pillow I am asleep in seconds.


Too many songs make me happy. I cannot even begin to list them. I listen to songs for the lyrics or because the beat is just off the hook. I am like a chameleon when it comes to songs.

MORE STUFF THAT MAKE ME HAPPY                          (RANDOMS) 

  • Free WiFi – who doesn’t love free Internet? The struggle is real mehn.
  • PRICE OF TOMATOES – this might sound strange, after the brief period of scarcity the availability of tomato in the market blows my mind and it’s so cheap now .Has it (Tomatoes) ever been this cheap?
  • FOOD –good food and a full stomach is just chill.

              My NOMINEES- ⬇

Tonye Igbani




Leave a  comment, what random things cheer you up or make you happy? Let’s spread the Happiness, I challenge you all to do the tag.



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