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Before I go on to today’s post let me just apologise for not being here, I didn’t abandon the blog o it’s exams that kept me away, I just had to be off radar so as to give my best during exams. I believe am fully available now. 🙌

Today’s post was inspired by chats with newbies who still aren’t familiar with how to deal with their hair.
A newbie friend once complained that  her hair is hard to manage,she also complained of shrinkage.(said it was rubber hair).
Although shrinkage is normal and expected of kinky textured hair we still tend to shy away from it,and of course stretched hair is easier to manage plus it also means less tangles and single strand knots.
I am just going to be sharing methods that works for me..

TWISTS/BRAIDS – Truth is if you can’t three strand braid(calabar)  then you should be able to twist, its necessary to be adept at either one at least.
I personally prefer braids because am better at it, my twists are puny at best.
Twisting or braiding your hair up at night will help to keep it from matting and shrinkage.

AFRICAN THREADING(kiko) – It’s the most effective way to get a really  stretched look when you don’t want to use heat. You get results similar to using a blow dryer.

TIP – After every wash make sure to section your hair in three strand braids (calabar) or twists while wet.
This will prevent the hair from being shrunken when it’s dry.

Comment below, how do you keep your hair stretched, what’s your favourite method?



  1. I’ve stretched my hair using twist and I like the fact that I can show off my 4c hair. Everyone always ask me if it’s my real hair and then always ask if they can touch.


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