NO SEW, NO GLUE EASY UPDO : Nigerian Gel packing

Hi dearies, today’s post is a quick and easy protective style tutorial i created for my birthday.

If your hair is long enough you don’t need to use gel unless you are aiming for a sleek, no fly aways result.Updos are more or less just gel packing.

Gel packing reminds me of my childhood, did you try telephone wire (protective style) back then?raise your hands up if you didšŸ™‹
This Updo tutorial might be just what you need for easter.

The style cost me less than five hundred naira. You need –
* Braiding hair
* Scrunchie
* Spritz bottle containing water
* Wide tooth comb and or a brush
* Bobby pins
* Gel (optional)

Spritz bottle, wide tooth comb, braiding hair, Bobby pin, Denman brush, vintage gel,African, Nigerian natural hair care

The braiding hair costs hundred naira(100) each, totalling three hundred naira (300) for all three.The gel cost hundred naira(100),I know it’s not exactly healthy hair friendly but I had to improvise as I ran out of eco styler gel and ermm, the relationship naira has with dollar isn’t helping matters.

4c chick, no sew, no glue easy Updo, diy, natural hair, Nigerian natural, natural hair in lagos, colored kinks
Stretched hair by putting it in chunky braids.

– Starting with clean stretched hair, I applied olive oil to my hairspritzed a little with water and combed my hair upwards to get it into a ponytail , I also did the same process with the brush to smoothen my hair .


I started to apply the gel in the same upward motion and then I tied with a thread to keep my tiny ponytail packed together,I let my hair air dry overnight.

Prepping The Braiding Hair.
I cut one of the braiding hair in halves and folded into two, I then attached the scrunchie to the middle and knotted once, I twisted it and put a rubber band at the tip to keep it from unravelling.
I didn’t cut the other two, I joined it together and repeated the same process.

Easter, easter hairspiration, 4c chick, no sew no glue easy Updo, gel packing, yemi alade inspired, skinny model, loose weight fast, melanin on fleek.

Before attaching the braiding hair I applied a bit of olive oil to my hair for added shine.


Using the scrunchie that I attached to the braiding hair I secured both twists to my tiny ponytail with it.

Nigerian 4c hair, Nigerian natural, no sew no glue easy Updo, gel packing, naijanatural, skinniest model, melanin on fleek, dimples, easter, easter hairspiration

I fluffed the twists a bit so it would look full and bigger.

No sew no glue easy Updo, easter, easter hairspiration, 4c chick, Nigerian natural, cheap, skinniest model, melanin, cutest smile, lagos finds, ponytail, telephone wire
Slightly fluffed out twist

I wish I made a video to demonstrate this step because explaining is a bit hard, basically I put the longer twist over my ponytail to cover it up and pinned down with a Bobby pin.


From here on I just wrapped and pinned when I deemed necessary, I more or less just freestyled and let my fingers guide me,you can wrap in a circular motion, back to front,front to back or from left to right. Doesn’t matter how you do it as long as it turns out okay.

I wore it differently every day, because I couldn’t get the same effect no matter how hard I tried.

Easy Updo, no sew no glue easy Updo, gel packing, yemi alade inspired, cheap style, diy styles, faux frohawk, model, cute smile, melanin on fleek
Day 1 – spot the Bobby pin
Favorite Updo, easiest style, diy styles, faux frohawk, model, cute smile, melanin on fleek, no sew no glue easy Updo, yemi alade inspired, tiwa savage inspired, Crown braid, hair chain
Day 2 – Hair accessory is my neck chain, held down with a Bobby pin
Gel packing, yemi slade inspired, cheap, lagos finds, Nigerian natural, skinny model
Day 3.. Wrapped both twists to the side and pinned.
Day 5 – don’t know how I even did this
Bobby pin, Denman brush, vintage, Nigerian natural hair, 500 naira to make hair, gel packing, yemi alade inspired
Day 8 – spot the Bobby pins

Maintenance – the gel didn’t do much for hold(especially around my edges) I didn’t want to keep slapping it onto my hair every day instead I lightly mist my hair with water every morning, apply my Sheabutter mix and tie a scarf over it for five minutes to lay my edges .

If this was helpful please share with friends, I love the styles i was able to create especially day 2,which do you prefer ?

Happy easter in advance lovelies. šŸ˜˜

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