Happy, happy new month loves, I am so excited because I have a lot lined up for the month of March.
Guess what? Its the first day of the month and its started with rain here in Lagos. I think it’s a sign that this month shall be awesome. Its also a relieve from the unbearable heat. 
No more dryness on our kinky tresses, I am glad for that.

March also happens to be my birth month, in my mind I am praying my birthday wish becomes a reality, I will share what it is soon.

DID you know March used to be the first month of the year?
January only started to be the first month in 1752.
March isn’t named after its dictionary meaning, it was name after the roman god of war MARS.

People born in March are either piesces or aries depending on the date or week of birth.

I pray March brings you good tidings.
Find the courage to live your dreams.
                          I love you 😘👆


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