Hi lovelies! It’s been ages right? I know that and have much to share…this post is a long one so just sit back, get a drink, Curl up and read.

Lately, I have been sidetracked by allowing myself to think about the things which are not right in my life instead of focusing and working with what I have. I also kept talking myself out of every idea that popped up in my  head because  I felt it was not good enough or needed proper planning; in the end the idea just fizzled out.

I also kept asking myself why start a blog?…. There are already lots of information on whatever it is I want to talk about on the Internet; with people who can even do it better than I can. But just when I was about to throw in the towel, people will occasionally
ask me to enlighten them on issues I am familiar with…. Sometimes, on checking my blog stats to see
that a post I had put up months back was read recently, it just sort of gave me the push i needed to keep posting because it meant I am helping to enlighten a person ☺

Anyway I have decided to “shake off every negative feelings and thoughts. A few things i have been up to in the past weeks –

-> School has resumed!  So yeah I’m still studying for my Bsc but because I am a student at the National Open University of Nigeria. Since I also happen not to have a job which means lots of free time to do nothing, I  have enrolled for a 6months basic training in photography.

I have always loved photography, everything about it appeals to me….  from being the photographer to the photographed,  both works just fine for me. I love the feeling of looking through the lens; the seconds just before the shutter clicks is kind of like waiting for clarity before a story is made or a special moment captured. I do not know how to explain it but the feeling is priceless…. 😂😂😂😂 (Now I know am beginning to ramble)….   I have prayed for consistency because six (6) months seems like a looong  time, so far it’s been great and am not feeling bored at all.
And who knows I might even have some stories to share as regards my class and fellow students…lots of interesting personalities in class and all of  them very talented.

-> I got a CAMCORDER recently. Yay!!! Nothing major…  it’s a Sony cx405 for my YouTube channel. image

I suddenly realized I don’t know how to speak english 🙈and my intonation is not that great, I officially diagnose myself as suffering from “H” accent 😨:((if you  know what i mean) 😥. I am going ahead anyway, no turning back now,  so just bear with me as I  am working on improving. Watch out for my videos.
Can you see the featured image above? Well there is a tutorial for the hair do, keep your fingers crossed people ☺✌

-> I recently inherited a Laptop.  Before now all of my posts and blog design was done on my phone. Although I really like the wordpress mobile app,  it gets frustrating at times working on my phone.  I am excited to see my blog on a computer screen and will definitely be making changes soon.

My HAIR is thriving,  beneath my PS(protective style) of course,  because I do not understand this weather… Today it feels like it’s bye bye Harmattan only to wake up the next morning with dry, painful nostrils. As I write this post, it’s really hot as in unavoidable sweaty hot, so I think it’s really okay to say we are now officially in hot weather 😱😭.
Plus I have been experimenting and tweaking my hair regimen. Not to worry,  I will be sharing my experiences and findings soon.

->  Last but not the least…  As this isn’t just a hair blog, I  will try my best not to  get carried away by my hair posts. One of the most read post on this blog was the one I titled Cheap haul. So I guess I will be sharing more stuffs I got cheaply that works 🙌 and whatever else takes my fancy.

Thank you to everyone that takes the time to read my blog posts , even this really lengthy one 👆. I love you all.


3 thoughts on “STEPPING STONES

  1. Hi, I’m Janet. I’ve been reading your blog for sometime and it’s been really helpful.
    I love what you do, keep it up.
    I’d love it if you make some improvements on your blog. Like archives to make navigation easier .

    Liked by 1 person

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