Hair care

How to clean hair comb and brushes


So let’s be honest with ourselves. how often do you clean your hair combs, brushes, spritz bottle and any other tools you tend to use where your hair is concerned.

Don’t lie to yourself and answer sincerely as no one is watching you, besides no one is going to flog you for not cleaning your tools. (no headmistress here😀).

Some days back I unearthed this brush i haven’t used in ages and it was an eye opener. To be honest I hardly ever clean my brushes, I mostly just pick the hair out and that’s all. but the build up I found on the brush pushed me to action. Google, my close friend had tonnes of information, I decided to try baking soda and dish washing liquid and the result was awesome. Plus baking soda is very cheap.

The eye opener  😱


In a bowl of warm water add desired amount of baking soda and dish washing liquid.


Cleaning The Brushes

First, use a comb to rake through the bristles and raise the trapped hair to the tip for easy removal of any trapped hair. Try as much as possible to get all the hair out.


Place the brush bristle side down in the mixture and let it soak for 20minutes, once the alloted time is up you should see all the dirt in the water and not on the brush, if there is still any dirt just take a tooth brush and swipe through.


Note – if you use a wooden brush be careful and try to dip only the bristles in the water.


The  combs

The same cleansing method used for the brush also applies.. Place in water to soak, swipe off any lingering dirt with a tooth brush.


Spritz bottles

I took out the nozzle and pipes and let it all soak, I used a tooth brush to clean the insides and i also put a ball of cotton wool into the bottle and swished it around to get all of the product residues off..

After cleaning, rinse off and put the brushes and comb in a tray to dry.


Squeaky clean 🙌

How often do you clean your hair tools and how do you clean them?



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