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2016 Personal and blog goals


Hello lovelies, how are you doing ?if you are reading this post it means you are one of the lucky ones and you are special and unique, it also means a fresh start and a chance to be a better you.

Of course i am talking about the new year, since we mostly tend to set resolutions and goals for the new year I put together my personal and blog goals for the year .

PRODUCTIVITY – to be productive i am going to be more consistent and committed to any thing I do (i.e -regular blog posts 👈)

INTERACTION – engage feed back and comments on every posts,i envision brownie readers becoming one big family. 😀☺

YOUTUBE – I am definitely going to get my YouTube channel active for hair tutorials and DIYs 💪🙆

PRODUCT- I have to stop longing for more products and try as much as possible to make mine(behold the birth of a mixologist😊😀)

WANDERLUST – this one is really preposterous but still i have an itch to traaaaaa😱vel😔☺,I have never been out of the country before so even Ghana would suit me fine for starters.

And of course i want to retain length, be more attentive to my hair and also be more patient and considerate of others

I wish you all a happy and prosperous new year .What are your plans or goals for the new year,i would love to hear from you. 😘





5 thoughts on “2016 Personal and blog goals

  1. Yeah 2016 is here…

    Running with the goals and visions set. I most definitely plan to read more and procrastinate less this year😀… So help me God. I plan to take very good care of me too…

    I promise to be your number one fan of life 😉😉😉.

    Keep up writing and always shake off all forms of discouragement. It’s definitely Your year babes

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  2. O yeah, lemme start by breaking the curse of no comments for a new post, and start this blog post for a new year by commenting here. #2016 has began, so everyone start running and don’t stop running


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