Harmattan Hair Care Tips

Hair care tips

This Harmattan has got everyone who cares about their tresses paranoid and a bit worried on how to care for their hair. Here are a few tips to help you get through.

1) Do a PROTEIN hard treatment if needed as protein treatments help protect the hair shafts and coats the outer layer to protect it from further breakage. You should consider adding a product that contains protein to your weekly regimen. The ORS replenishing conditioner is perfect for this, it’s a mild protein treatment and deep conditioner that can be used regularly.

2) Moisture deep condition – since the weather is really dry and humidity level is low infusing moisture into the hair is vital and necessary because dryness will lead to breakage and split ends . If possible steam your hair as the heat opens up the hair shaft and allows the moisture seep into every cuticle, thereby leaving your hair Super moisturized.

3)SEAL hair with an oil that’s heavy – concentrate especially on your ends while sealing. Castor oil or Shea Butter is perfect for this weather.

4)Try the green house effect (GHE) – put simply GHE is spraying your hair with water and putting on a plastic cap to keep moisture in,tie an headwrap over this to when going outdoor. If you must go out with your hair all out make sure to carry a mini spritz bottle in your purse to help spray your hair as needed.

5)Protective styling – personally i believe putting your hair away is the best thing you can do for your tresses in this weather. There are  a lots of  styles to choose from. Braids, sew ins, faux local, crochet Braids e.t.c

Stay hydrated, drink lots of water. May breakage be far from our tresses in this weather. ☺😘


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