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DIY hard Protein Treatment


Hi loves,how are you loving the Harmattan weather? I don’t really mind the chill it’s just the dryness and dust i hate. Anyway in preparation for my PS(protective style) and protection against the weather i gave my hair a much needed protein treatment to strengthen my strands.i used gelatin.


Gelatin protein treatment also helps if your hair is heat damaged or if you are experiencing hair breakage like me ☺. It contains hydrolyzed protein which coats the hair shaft and repairs damage on the outer layer, gelatin is also the main ingredient in the popular Aphogee protein treatment product. Guess what with just 100naira😊 ,you can get the same treatment for your hair (cheap but very effective)😜, gelatin can be bought from people who sell baking ingredients.I got mine for 100 naira and the gelatin didn’t fill the container.


I eye measured the quantity to use for my hair. You will probably need to use more if your hair is longer or less if it’s shorter.


To prepare the gelatin i poured boiling water into a bowl and began to put the gelatin into the water bit by bit. Put in a little and stir till it’s dissolved, keep doing this till all your gelatin is in the water. I preceeded to wash my hair while I let the mixture cool off.


I washed my hair with dudu osun black soap (sold between 100naira-150naira), it’s a very cheap alternative with all natural ingredients and my hair didn’t feel stripped or dry afterwards. Because the soap tends to melt i cut out only what i would need to wash my hair.


I put my hair in twists and began to apply the gelatin in sections, this part was tough and messy because the mixture was watery and i couldn’t find my applicator bottle. I ended up scooping with the measurement cover and using it to apply to each section. I applied and combed through per section.


Gelatin is all in, I let this dry on my hair completely. It took about 50mins to dry, you can use a blow dryer on low heat to hasten the process.


The hair gets really hard when the gelatin is all dried up be careful how you touch or handle your hair so it doesn’t break off, kind of like when you starch your clothe and let it dry in this Harmattan weather 😁😉. To rinse it off just let the water run through your hair to soften it before working your hands on the hair .make sure to rinse out thoroughly.


My strands definitely felt stronger afterwards and I will surely do this treatment again, in 6 weeks.


I followed up with a moisture deep conditioner(it is compulsory to do a moisture DC after wards because the treatment leaves your hair dry.)i used warmed honey, coconut oil and olive oil to deep condition. I left this on my hair for an hour and moisture was restored to my hair , I would have steamed but PHCN wasn’t cooperating. 😢


NOTE-dont refrigerate your gelatin mixture to cool it fast as it can turn to jelly in no time at all, I had to remelt mine.


would you try gelatin as an alternative protein treatment?



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