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Crochet braids : How to install Bob braids by yourself

Hi loves,compliments of the season.. So this post is long overdue, i finally made the PS that I long throat for and I did it all by myself. 🙌đŸ’Ș. Let me just say this – crochet braid is a form of protective style that is installed with a Latch hook needle. Items used – Scissors… Continue reading Crochet braids : How to install Bob braids by yourself



Hi loves last weekend I was at the naturals in the city 13 (NITC) meetup and I must say it was worth it. I mean it, though I got there late it was a learning experience and an eye opener. The speakers also outdid themselves. Being my first time I was a bit shy to… Continue reading NITC13 RECAP

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DIY hard Protein Treatment

Hi loves,how are you loving the Harmattan weather? I don’t really mind the chill it’s just the dryness and dust i hate. Anyway in preparation for my PS(protective style) and protection against the weather i gave my hair a much needed protein treatment to strengthen my strands.i used gelatin. Gelatin protein treatment also helps if… Continue reading DIY hard Protein Treatment


Harmattan Hair Care Tips

This Harmattan has got everyone who cares about their tresses paranoid and a bit worried on how to care for their hair. Here are a few tips to help you get through. 1) Do a PROTEIN hard treatment if needed as protein treatments help protect the hair shafts and coats the outer layer to protect… Continue reading Harmattan Hair Care Tips


Naturals in The City 13! Organic Living

Originally posted on The Kink And I:
Hey guyssss! Naturals in The City 13 is around the corner and I can’t believe it either! Next week Saturday, 12th December, 2015, we will gather round as we always do, and on behalf of the team, I promise you,?it’s going to be good. First, a few changes.…


Cheap Haul

Hi dearies it’s been a while, I have been busy with exams but I am back nowâ˜ș🙌. So I was at trade fair market in aspanda to buy a thing or two  for my protective styles.i got sidetracked  when I came across PERM RODS!:mrgreen:, i was so excited i just to buy it because I… Continue reading Cheap Haul