DIY Sheamix Recipe


Hi loves, today I will be sharing with you my sheamix recipe and it’s really very cheap and affordable 😀

Shea Butter is a wonderful natural ingredient that works well on hair and skin. The reason why the shea needs to be whipped is simple, in its natural form it’s a bit firm. Whipping it makes it easier to apply to apply to your hair. 

What you will need – :


Two of your favorite oils

Essential oil(optional)

Hibiscus powder(optional)

A whisk and bowl


unnamedIf you find the Sheabutter too hard you should soften a bit by placing your bowl of Sheabutter in hot water,be certain that water doesn’t get into the Sheabutter while softening. My Sheabutter was soft so I didn’t need to soften, I just went ahead with whipping (I don’t have a whisk so I improvised with a wooden ladle).😊


You just need to keep whipping till it’s smooth and creamy like ice cream 😋. I whipped it for up to ten minutes.


Once the shea has the creamy smooth consistency you just add your oil of choice and whip some more(i used coconut and olive oil).

PhotoGrid_1446974917875_1At this stage your sheamix is ready,just add essential oil of choice to help mask the nutty and earthy fragrance of the shea.(I didn’t use an essential oil for this mix)

After whipping with my carrier oils (coconut and olive oil)

I didn’t stop there though I added Hibiscus powder to my mix(Hibiscus powder is grinded zobo leaf) ,i sieved the powder before putting it in.


PS – Hibiscus promotes hair growth, stops hair fall and also gives hair an healthy luster and bounce ☺(anything for my fine strands)

The texture is really very smooth, you should try it + it’s so cheap

Sheamix can be used as a styler or a sealant.


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