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my wash day routine

Hi lovelies its been a is a quick rundown of my wash day routine,i like to keep it simple and as  short as i possibly can,i had just taken off a PS(protective style)of crochet braids which lasted 4weeks ,i didnt wash my hair while in a PS i just  spritzed and massaged my scalp.


My hair was really dry after taking off my crochet braid, to minimize breakage and moisturize my hair i spritzed my hair with a mixture of fresh aloe gel, olive oil, conditioner and water. I put on a plastic wrap for 10 minutes to infuse moisture.


Detangling was a breeze.(i detangled with my fingers).

I washed and conditioned my hair with ORS creamy aloe shampoo and ORS replenishing conditioner.i deep conditioned with a store bought product that I warmed up and added honey and olive oil to.


I put my hair in twists to dry. (I still haven’t learnt how to twist properly) 🙈😜

My hair is 13 months old and i have trimmed twice in 13 months.its not growing as fast as I imagine it should, i have learned to embrace it all ☺.i choose to have healthy hair over long hair.


Do you wash your hair while its in a PS ?


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