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my wash day routine

Hi lovelies its been a is a quick rundown of my wash day routine,i like to keep it simple and as  short as i possibly can,i had just taken off a PS(protective style)of crochet braids which lasted 4weeks ,i didnt wash my hair while in a PS i just  spritzed and massaged my scalp.… Continue reading my wash day routine

Lagos waka

Lagos Waka – Freedom Park 

   Hi dears, how has your weekend been?now i know it’s typical to attend weddings, get togethers or parties of any sort during the weekend as some people see it as a way to unwind, anyway if you didn’t attend any it’s okay because I didn’t too. I was invited for an art exhibition at… Continue reading Lagos Waka – Freedom Park 

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My Body Obsession

Not good enough, too tall,too short, too fat, not beautiful, ugly, stocky, scarred,too skinny, too light, too dark and it goes on and on . These are insecurities we have had to deal with at one time or the other in our lives. Some people have passed through this phase and have learned to accept… Continue reading My Body Obsession

Hair care

Are Your Fingernails Damaging Your Hair? 😞

If your nails keep getting caught in your hair either, because they are too long or cracked and hanging, this post is for you. Before you wash, detangle or style your hair always be sure your nails are in tip top condition. By saying this, i mean that your nails shouldn’t be split as hair… Continue reading Are Your Fingernails Damaging Your Hair? 😞

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GETTING STARTED |After the big Chop 

Have you decided to stop using the creamy crack(relaxers and texturizers) and don’t know what next to do or what products and tools you should get to help you manage your new texture? Then worry no more as i will be sharing with you the budget friendly essentials every natural must possess. 1. Shampoo –… Continue reading GETTING STARTED |After the big Chop 

Hair care


For the newly natural it can be very frustrating coming across terms and abbreviations you don’t understand so, I put together a few to help you get by .☺😘 2a,2b,2c,3a,3b,3c,4a,4b,4c – Curl Types Fine, medium, thick (coarse) – hair texture Kinky hair – tightly twisted or coiled hair Transitioning – process of growing out your… Continue reading BASIC NATURAL HAIR ACRONYMS